Is your warehouse full of unsold material?

Do you have lots of unsold material?
You can add part or the full content of the warehouse on our website, that's extremely simple! Expose your materials here, in order to give the possibility to potential buyers to see it.
Has the material been in the warehouse for a very long time?
The costs to maintain the unsold material is huge, make it available for sale by creating some advertisings that will appear on our website.
Have you got some material from exhausted mines?
As you know, mines aren't perpetually exploitable, maybe someone is looking for that particular slabs you have in your warehouse which you haven't sold yet.

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Do you want to promote your warehouse and save on the transport costs?

Stockstone is a website born with the purpose to create a meeting place for people who work in the marble and stone domain.

The 20-years-old expericence in this domain gives us the instruments to understand the real needs of buyers and sellers.

We created a service with whom a seller can get rid of surplus in order to promote, make room and cut costs of a warehouse or buy high-quality material without the commitment to producers and so in order to cut transport costs and save time.

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